West Teignmouth families

There are records in the Bishopsteignton parish registers from 1730 onwards relating to individuals named COLDRIDGE and COLEDRIDGE, but by the early 1800s the usual spelling is COLERIDGE. There is also a notice in the Sherborne and Yeovil Mercury of 1776 referring to Edward COLERIDGE tenant of Lower Coombe, Bishopsteignton. The following COLDRIDGE family structure is extrapolated from parish records so is only possible not probable:

John & Mary COLDRIDGE of East Teignmouth (married c1730)

Edward & ??? COLDRIDGE of Bishopsteignton (married c1730)

William & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Bishopsteignton (married c1750)

Edward & Mary COLDRIDGE of Bishopsteignton (married c1760)

The following families can be traced back to William & Susanna COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth. William is probably the son of either William or Edward COLDRIDGE:

William & Susanna COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1788)

Edward & Joan COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1822)

Edward & Mary COLERIDGE of London (married 1849) Updated

Edward & Sarah COLERIDGE of London (married 1892)

Frederick & Jane COLERIDGE of London (married 1877)

Charles & Ella COLERIDGE of London (married 1877) Updated

John & Ethel COLERIDGE of London (married 1915)

Arthur & Elsie COLERIDGE of London (married 1916)

Edward & Violet COLERIDGE of London (married 1917)

William & Sarah COLERIDGE of London (married 1851)

William & Jemima COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1817)

James & Mary Ann COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1819)

John & Eliza COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1846)

James & Margaret COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1848)

Richard & Ann COLERIDGE of East Teignmouth (married 1857)

Richard & Grace COLERIDGE of Bradninch (married 1893)

William & Susan COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1854)

William & Anna COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1887)

William & Mary COLERIDGE of Teignmouth (married 1916)

Ernest & Annie COLERIDGE of Teignmouth (married 1894)

Charles & Eliza COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1856)

Charles & Annie COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1880)

Frederick & Anna COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1865)

Arthur & Celia COLERIDGE of Newton Abbot (married 1892)

Reginald & Ellen COLERIDGE of Newton Abbot (married 1918)

Frederick & Edith COLERIDGE of Newton Abbot (married 1901)

William & Mary COLERIDGE of Teignmouth (married 1904)

William & Mabel COLERIDGE of Teignmouth (married 1927)

James & Mary COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1841)

Walter & Maria COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1869)

Thomas & Ann COLERIDGE of East Teignmouth (married 1830)

William & Mary COLERIDGE of East Teignmouth (married 1866)

George & Louisa COLERIDGE of East Stonehouse (married 1838)

George & Mary COLERIDGE of East Stonehouse (married 1877)

The COLERIDGE families of Catalina, Newfoundland, can be traced back to Samuel & Margaret COLERIDGE. Samuel is possibly/probably the son of William & Susanna COLERIDGE of West Teignmouth:

Samuel & Margaret COLERIDGE of Catalina (married 1834)

William & Susannah COLERIDGE of Catalina (married c1860)

Samuel & Jessie COLERIDGE of Cape Breton (married 1888)

William & Deborah COLERIDGE of Trinity Bay (married 1897)

Peter & Mabel COLERIDGE of Trinity Bay (married c1925)

Peter & Frances COLERIDGE of Trinity Bay (married 1893)

William & Elfrieda COLERIDGE of Trinity Bay (married c1920)

John & Frances COLERIDGE of Catalina (married 1878)

Charles & Lenora COLERIDGE of Pittsburg (married c1905)

Joseph & Christina COLERIDGE of Catalina (married 1878)