Edward & Violet Coleridge of London

Edward Robert COLERIDGE, born in London in 1892, is the third son of Charles & Ella COLERIDGE, and there is a record of his marriage:

Edward R COLERIDGE's marriage (age 25) to Violet R C HEYWARD was registered in December 1917 in St Giles, London.

There are records of Edward & Violet's daughter's birth and marriage:

Renee V C COLERIDGE's birth was registered in June 1921 in Camberwell, London.

Renee V C COLERIDGE's marriage (age 24) to Jack S COURTNEY was registered in December 1945 in Lambeth, London.

There is also a record of Edward's death and Violet's re-marriage:

Edward R COLERIDGE's death, aged 37, was registered in September 1929 in Bournemouth, Hants.

Violet R C COLERIDGE's marriage to Thomas H SYRETT was registered in March 1950 in Lambeth, London.