John & Ethel Coleridge of London

John Albert COLERIDGE, born in London in 1890, is the eldest son of Charles & Ella COLERIDGE, and there is a record of his marriage:

John A COLERIDGE's marriage to Ethel M HARRIS was registered in December 1915 in St Giles, London.

There is a record of John & Ethel's daughter's birth and marriage:

Dorothy M COLERIDGE's birth was registered in December 1918 in Pancras, London.

Dorothy M COLERIDGE's marriage (age 22) to Edward R DELIUS was registered in March 1940 in Pancras, London.

There are records of John & Ethel's deaths and probate summaries:

Ethel M COLERIDGE's death, age 74, was registered in June 1965 in Barnet.

Ethel Martha COLERIDGE of 6 Park Hall Road London N.2 died 16 April 1965 at The General Hospital Barnet Hertfordshire Administration London 31 May 1965 to John Albert COLERIDGE retired compositor. £436.

John Albert COLERIDGE's death, aged 80, was recorded in December 1969 in Islington.

John Albert COLERIDGE of 6 Park Hall Rd London N.2 died 18 December 1969 Probate London 20 January. £3383.