William & Mabel Coleridge of Teignmouth

William COLERIDGE, born in 1883, is the fourth son of Fredrick & Anna Coleridge of West Teignmouth, and there is a record of his second marriage:

William COLERIDGE's marriage to Mabel SLUMAN was recorded in March 1927 in Newton Abbot.

The following records relate to William & Mabel's children:

William C COLERIDGE's birth was recorded in September 1927 in Newton Abbot.

Audrey M COLERIDGE's birth was recorded in June 1930 in Newton Abbot.

William C COLERIDGE's marriage to Josephine N WILD was recorded in June 1949 in Newton Abbot.

Susan COLERIDGE's birth was recorded in March 1954 in Gosport, Hants.

Paula COLERIDGE's birth was recorded in September 1957 in Southampton.

Paula COLERIDGE's marriage to Evaton A ROBINSON was recorded in September 1979 in Southampton.

Susan COLERIDGE's marriage to Michael A NEWBOLD was recorded in December 1983 in Southampton.

Audrey M COLERIDGE's marriage to Barter H POPE was recorded in March 1955 in Newton Abbot.

There are records of William & Mabel's deaths:

William COLERIDGE's death, aged 87, was recorded in March 1970 in Exeter.

Mabel COLERIDGE's death, aged 104, was recorded in November 1996 in Teignbridge.