Ernest & Sarah Coldridge of Exeter

Ernest COLDRIDGE, born in Exeter in 1804, is the third son of John & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE. He married Sarah when he was 24 and they had 4 sons and 4 daughters. They lived in Exeter, Fowey, London, Cumberland, Bombay and Wellington.

Ernest COLDRIDGE's marriage to Sarah NEALE was recorded on 30th September 1828 in Exeter St Sidwell. The Exeter & Plymouth Gazette notice records Ernest as of Fowey, surgeon, and Sarah as the youngest daughter of Mr. NEALE, Topsham.

The following parish records exist from Fowey in Cornwall:

Austen Ernest COLDRIDGE was baptised on 18th September 1829 in Fowey.

George Tuyll COLDRIDGE was baptised on 5th February 1831 in Fowey.

The following Exeter parish records note Ernest's occupation as surgeon, Fowey:

George Tuyle COLDRIDGE was baptised on 28th April 1833 in Exeter Holy Trinity, noting his birth on 30th January 1831 on Magdalen St.

John Newton COLDRIDGE was baptised on 28th April 1833 in Exeter Holy Trinity, noting his birth on 25th September 1832 on Magdalen St.

Henry COLERIDGE was baptised on 13th August 1836 in St Marylebone, London, noting his birth on 5th June 1836.

Celia Elizabeth COLDRIDGE's birth was registered in June 1840 in Wigton, Cumbria. Her baptism is recorded on 7th May 1840 in Ireby, Cumberland

According to J T H Du Boulay's "Coleridge in Devon" document, Ernest became an army surgeon in H.E.I.C.S. (Honourable East India Company Service) leading to my discovery of the following records:

Jean Marie Sutherland COLERIDGE's baptism was recorded on 17th June 1847 in Deesa, Bombay, noting parents Ernest & Sarah COLERIDGE. Notices in the Bombay Times record her birth on 5th May 1847, and her death, aged 3 years and 9 months, on 11th February 1851 at Jeypoor. [†]

Sarah COLERIDGE's burial, aged 58, was recorded on 29th December 1866 at Mount Aboo, Bombay.

Ernest COLDRIDGE's death, aged 73, was recorded in 1877 in Wellington, New Zealand.


The following additional information has been kindly provided by Peter T COLERIDGE.

According to records from Thomas Travers Newton COLERIDGE, Ernest and Sarah's children are:

Austen COLERIDGE : born 26th June 1829 - died 29th August 1865

George COLERIDGE : born 30th January 1831 - died 18th August 1868

John Newton COLERIDGE : born 26th September 1832 - died 31st March 1887

Henry COLERIDGE : born 5th June 1836 - died 28th March 1841

Rosalie COLERIDGE : born 6th August 1838

Celia COLERIDGE : born 16th April 1840

Florence May COLERIDGE : born 5th January 1842

Jean Maria Sutherland COLERIDGE : born 5th May 1847 - died 11th February 1851

The Holy Trinity Anglican church, Belvidere, Western Cape, South Africa records the marriages of two of Ernest and Sarah's daughters:

Rosalie Sarah COLERIDGE married Bryan Henry DARNELL on 11th February 1858.

Celia Elizabeth COLERIDGE married John SUTHERLAND on 11th February 1858.

Bryan Henry DARNELL, an engineer, went to New Zealand in 1870 to supervise the building of railways. He died in 1906. The Taranaki Herald of 16th October 1875 reported that:

"…for the government Mr B H DARNELL has superintended the construction of the railway, assisted by Mr F W MARCHANT; and the manner these gentlemen have performed their parts of the onerous duties entailed on them is most satisfactory".