Dunsford families

The following information about the Dunsford COLDRIDGE families before 1800 has been gleaned from the parish records but has not yet been corroborated by other sources, so the family line described below should be treated as tentative:

Nicholas & Wilmott COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1675)

John & Sarah COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1694)

William & Mary COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1722)

Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1760)

William & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1751)

John & Sarah COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1782)

Joan COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (unmarried)

The Dunsford and Holcombe Burnell parish registers after 1800 contain records for the following COLDRIDGE families, descendants of Joan COLDRIDGE:

Charles & Sarah COLDRIDGE of Holcombe Burnell (married 1783)

John & Rebecca COLDRIDGE of Holcombe Burnell (married 1809)

George & Sarah COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married 1837) Updated

John Walter & Emma COLDRIDGE of Whitestone (married 1890)

John Walter & Emily COLDRIDGE of Whitestone (married 1909) Updated

Henry & Emma COLDRIDGE of Bicton (married 1865)

Alfred & Susan COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1892)

Henry & Emily COLDRIDGE of Upton (married 1894)

Walter & Alice Ann COLDRIDGE of Bampton (married 1899) Updated

George & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1903) New

Mark & Amelia COLDRIDGE of St Thomas (married 1908)

John & Jane COLDRIDGE of Ide (married 1877)

William & Jane COLDRIDGE of Holcombe Burnell (married 1822) Updated

John & Emma COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1855)

By the early 1900s, the descendants of this family had dispersed all over the UK. Particularly noteworthy are Henry & Emily's children whose marriages were in Preston, Birmingham, Leominster, Richmond, Wandsworth and Carmarthen!