Doddiscombsleigh families

The Dunsford and Doddiscombsleigh parish registers from the 1600s and 1700s have records relating to the following Coldridge families:

William & Anne COLRIDGE of Dunsford (married c1620) New

Richard & Grace COLDRIDGE of Dunsford (married c1665) Updated

Richard & Joane COLRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married c1685) New

Richard & Anne COLRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1699) Updated

Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1746) Updated

Richard & Anne COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1775)

Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1780) Updated

Richard & Anne COLDRIDGE (married 1775) migrated to Exeter before 1800, and so I refer to their descendants as the Exeter COLDRIDGE families. By the end of the 1800s these Exeter families had dispersed as far as Bristol, Ilfracombe, Wellington, Bombay and Capetown.

Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE (married 1780) remained in Doddiscombsleigh, and so I refer to them and their descendants as the Doddiscombsleigh COLDRIDGE families. By the end of the 1800s the family had left Doddiscombsleigh for Exeter, Wolborough and Okehampton in Devon, two families were in Bristol, one in Essex and one in Ontario.

The following COLDRIDGE families, who are all living in Doddiscombsleigh in the early 1800s, are the descendants of Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh:

Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1780)

John & Betsey COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1809) Updated

William & Harriet COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1857)

John & Mary COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1838)

John & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1861)

Simon & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1839) Updated

George & Celia COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1852)

George & Amelia COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1865) Updated

Charles & Mary COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1859)

Charles & Amelia COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1862)

Arthur & Mary COLDRIDGE of Bristol (married 1888) Updated

Albert & Florence COLDRIDGE of Pontypool (married 1917)

George & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1896)

William & Hilda COLDRIDGE of York (married 1911) New

Albert & Edith COLDRIDGE of West Teignmouth (married 1897) Updated

Daniel & Mary Jane COLDRIDGE of Ontario (married 1849)

John & Margaret COLDRIDGE of Ontario (married 1874) Updated

Daniel & Elizabeth COLERIDGE of Ontario (married 1890)

William & Jessie COLERIDGE of Ontario (married 1902) Updated

Francis & Emily COLERIDGE of Ontario (married 1898) Updated

James & Mary Ann COLERIDGE of Ontario (married c1910)

Thomas & Emma COLERIDGE of Ontario (married 1902)

Joseph & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1856) Updated

John & Ellen COLDRIDGE of Essex (married 1883) Updated

Clifford & Lillian COLERIDGE of Saskatchewan (married 1910) Updated

Thomas & Lilian COLERIDGE of Alberta (married 1917) Updated

William & Beatrice COLDRIDGE of Torquay (married 1889)

Robert & Mary COLDRIDGE of Exeter (married 1863)

Thomas & Mary COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1816)

Richard & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE of Okehampton (married 1844)

Richard & Emily COLDRIDGE of Bristol (married 1883)

Alfred & Ann COLDRIDGE of Wolborough (married 1878)

Alfred & Naomi COLDRIDGE of Wolborough (married 1896)

Leonard & Elizabeth COLERIDGE of Port Arthur (married 1911) Updated

William & Maria COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1832)

Henry & Jane COLERIDGE of Wolborough (married 1867)

Ernest & Annie COLERIDGE of Wolborough (married 1896)

Sidney & Alice COLERIDGE of Wolborough (married 1900)

Harry & Minna Louisa COLERIDGE of Wolborough (married 1906)

William & Elisabeth COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh (married 1871)

William & Mary COLDRIDGE of Bovey Tracey (married 1898)