William & Mary Coldridge of Dunsford

William COLDRIDGE, born around 1697, is believed to be the only son of John & Sarah COLDRIDGE of Dunsford, and the parish register records his marriage at the age of 25:

William COLDRIDGE's marriage to Mary VINICOMBE was recorded on 14th October 1722 Dunsford.

The Dunsford parish register records the following baptisms where the father is noted as William COLDRIDGE:

Thomas COLDRIDGE was baptised on 2nd June 1723 in Dunsford.

William COLDRIDGE was baptised on 29th June 1725 in Dunsford.

Mary COLDRIDGE was baptised on 19th October 1729 in Dunsford.

Joan COLDRIDGE was baptised on 8th May 1735 in Dunsford.

The Dunsford parish register records their elder daughter's marriage:

Mary COLDRIDGE's marriage to John DICKER was recorded on 18th July 1756 in Dunsford, when she would have been about 27.

William & Mary's burials are also in the parish register:

Mary COLDRIDGE's burial was recorded on 7th April 1762 in Dunsford, noted as wife of William.

William COLDRIDGE's burial was recorded on 21st April 1765 in Dunsford, presumed to be Mary's widow.


Thomas BROOKING was a witness to Mary's marriage in 1756 and her brother Thomas's marriage in 1760. He is also a witness to two other COLDRIDGE marriages, presumably close relatives, but I have been unable to find a record of their births:

John COLDRIDGE's marriage to Elizabeth TOWNSEND was recorded on 30th January 1755 in Dunsford. His occupation is noted as husbandman.

Anne COLDRIGE's marriage to Simon SMAY alias MOUNSDON was recorded on 20th October 1761 in Dunsford.

The parish register contains 1 baptism where the father is noted as John COLDRIDGE:

Elizabeth COLDRIDGE was baptised on 18th January 1756 in Dunsford.