John & Rebecca Coldridge of Holcombe Burnell

John COLDRIDGE, born in Holcombe Burnell in 1784, is the eldest child of Charles & Sarah COLDRIDGE, and the Dunsford parish register records his marriage:

John COLDRIDGE's marriage at the age of 25 to Rebecca CAZELY was recorded on 27th December 1809 in Dunsford.

John & Rebecca had 4 children, one of whom died in early childhood. The Holcombe Burnell parish register has records of their children's baptisms, where John is noted as husbandman or labourer of Mount Hindrance:

George COLDRIDGE was baptised on 14th October 1810 in Holcombe Burnell.

William COLDRIDGE was baptised on 19th September 1813 in Holcombe Burnell. His burial, aged 2, was recorded on 23rd June 1816 in Dunsford. [†]

Mary COLDRIDGE was baptised on 28th September 1817 in Holcombe Burnell.

John COLDRIDGE was baptised on 1st January 1826 in Holcombe Burnell.

There is a record of John & Rebecca's daughter's marriage:

Mary COLDRIDGE's marriage to George BOND was registered in March 1840 in St Thomas.

Mary COLDRIDGE, Spinster, daughter of John COLDRIDGE, Labourer, married George BOND, son of George BOND, Bachelor, Labourer, on 9th March 1840 in the Parish Church of Holcombe Burnell after banns. Both residing Holcombe Burnell. Both signed. Witnesses John DYMOND and Samuel DAY.

The Holcombe Burnell parish register records John's death and Rebecca's subsequent re-marriage:

John COLDRIDGE's burial, aged 47, was recorded on 20th December 1831 in Holcombe Burnell, noted "Of Mount Hindrance". Administration was granted to Rebecca COLDRIDGE, widow, in 1832.

Rebecca COLDRIDGE's marriage to John DYMOND was recorded on 2nd February 1837 in Dunsford. Rebecca's status is noted as widow.