Charles & Sarah Coldridge of Holcombe Burnell

Charles COLDRIDGE, born around 1759, is the only recorded son of Joan COLDRIDGE of Dunsford, and the parish register records his marriage to Sarah when he was about 24:

Charles COLDRIDGE's marriage to Sarah WESCOTT, born around 1755, was recorded on 26th June 1783 (DFHS has 1784) in Dunsford St Mary.

Charles & Sarah lived in Holcombe Burnell and Dunsford and had 6 children – 2 sons and 4 daughters. The parish registers have records of their children's baptisms:

John COLERIDGE was baptised on 12th December 1784 in Holcombe Burnell.

Ann COLERIDGE was baptised on 13th May 1787 in Holcombe Burnell.

Sarah COLDRIDGE was baptised on 11th October 1789 in Dunsford.

William COLDRIDGE was baptised on 10th March 1793 in Dunsford.

Mary COLDRIDGE was baptised on 25th October 1795 in Dunsford.

Martha COLDRIDGE was baptised on 6th January 1799 in Dunsford.

The Dunsford parish register has the following marriages assumed to be of Charles & Sarah's daughters:

Ann COLDRIDGE's marriage at the age of 22 to William CAZELY was recorded on 13th February 1810 in Dunsford. Ann is noted as "of Bridford".

Sarah COLDRIDGE's marriage at the age of 32 to William CRISPIN, gardener, was recorded on 23rd April 1822 in Dunsford.

The Holcombe Burnell parish register also records Charles & Sarah's deaths, both are noted as "Of Mount Hindrance":

Charles COLDRIDGE's burial, aged 67, was recorded on 18th September 1826 in Holcombe Burnell.

Sarah COLDRIDGE's burial, aged 73, was recorded on 8th May 1828 in Holcombe Burnell.