Thomas & Mary Coldridge of Doddiscombsleigh

Thomas COLDRIDGE, born around 1710, is the fifth son of Richard & Anne COLRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh. He married Mary in Exeter in 1746, and lived in Doddiscombsleigh where they had 5 children.

Thomas COLDRIDGE's marriage to Mary ARCHER was recorded on 19th May 1746 in Exeter Holy Trinity.

The parish register records the baptisms of 5 children to Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh:

Richard COLERIDGE was baptised on 12th March 1746/7 in Doddiscombsleigh.

Thomas COLERIDGE was baptised on 7th May 1750 in Doddiscombsleigh.

Anne COLERIDGE was baptised on 16th July 1752 in Doddiscombsleigh. Her burial, aged 8, was recorded on 17th May 1760 in Doddiscombsleigh.

Mary COLERIDGE was baptised on 8th January 1755 in Doddiscombsleigh.

Grace COLERIDGE was baptised on 3rd January 1758 in Doddiscombsleigh.

The Doddiscombsleigh parish register records Thomas's death at the age of 77:

Thomas COLDRIDGE's burial was recorded on 23rd June 1787 in Doddiscombsleigh.

The executors of Thomas's will dated 1787 were Mary COLDRIDGE and John JUTSUM. Mary died a few years later:

Mary COLDRIDGE's burial was recorded on 21st March 1790 in Doddiscombsleigh.