Richard & Grace Coldridge of Doddiscombsleigh

Richard COLDRIDGE, born around 1640, lived at Farrant's Cross (2 miles east of Dunsford) and then in Doddiscombsleigh. I have not found a record of his marriage, however, the baptisms of his 3 children are recorded in the Dunsford parish register:

Charles COLDRIDGE's baptism was recorded on 14 Feb 1665/6. Noted as son of Richard COLDRIDGE of Farranth. [the original entry appears to be "Richard COLERIDG of Farranse" but has several amendments in a later hand]

Richard COLDRIDGE's baptism was recorded on 25th April 1667. Noted as son of Richard.

Elizabeth COLRIDGE's baptism was recorded on 2nd June 1672. Noted as daughter of Richard.

There is also a record of Richard's wife's death in the Dunsford parish register, but I cannot be certain that this refers to the same Richard:

Grace COLDRIDGE's burial was recorded on 13th January 1675/6 in Dunsford. Noted as wife of Richard COLDRIDGE.

There are Exeter parish records of Richard's childrens' marriages when the family were living in Doddiscombsleigh:

Charles COLRIDGE's marriage to Elizabeth MAJOR was recorded on 8th May 1695 in Exeter Cathedral. Charles is noted as Husbandman, 29 years old, Elizabeth as 30 years old, and both of Doddiscombsley.

Elizabeth COLRIDGE's marriage to John NORTHCOTT of Chagford was recorded on 8th July 1697 in Exeter St Petrock. The entry has "Eliz: COLRIDGE of Dodscombleigh".

There is a record of Richard's death, corresponding to a list entry in the Will & Probate calendar:

Richard COLRIDGE's burial was recorded on 18th January 1699/0 in Doddiscombsleigh.