Albert & Florence Coldridge of Pontypool

Albert COLDRIDGE, born in Weymouth in 1889, is the eldest child of Arthur & Mary COLDRIDGE and my grandfather. He married in Devonport and I am guessing that he met my grandmother through visits to his aunty Jessie who was living in south Devon.

Albert COLDRIDGE's marriage at the age of 28 to Florence Emma ANDREWS was registered in December 1917 in Devonport (Plymouth).

Florence Emma ANDREWS was born on 21st March 1891. Her birth certificate shows her father as Henry Thomas ANDREWS, Driller at H M Dockyard, her mother as Emma Jane ANDREWS, formerly TURPIN, and they lived at 1 Ker Street, St Aubyn, Devonport.

1911 census for Devon

Address Name Age Relation Occupation
5 Beyrout Place
Fredrick Henry ANDREWS
Florence Emma ANDREWS
Mabel Louise ANDREWS
No occupation

Fitter Machinist

The 1911 census records my grandmother's family in Devonport, 6 years before she got married. According to his Royal Navy record, Henry ANDREWS was born on 25th July 1857, joined the service in October 1872 and on first entry was a Polisher on HMS Impregnable. He served on HMS Agincourt in 1881, was awarded the Egypt Medal and Khedive's Star in May 1883, and volunteered for a further 10 years service in July 1885 but was discharged in February 1886 because of a problem with his ears.

Henry Thomas ANDREWS marriage to Emma Jane TURPIN was registered in September 1885 in Stoke Damerel.

Fred ANDREWS emigrated to Western Australia in the early 1900s where he had a sheep farm on the Upper Kalgan River. Mabel ANDREWS married George W GORRILL in December 1918 in Devonport and their son Fred was born the following year. George died, aged 42, in 1935 and Mabel married Charles A LIVINGSTONE in June 1938 in Plymouth.

By the early 1920s my grandparents had moved to Pontypool, Monmouthshire where they stayed for the rest of their lives and had 2 sons:

Arthur Victor George COLDRIDGE's birth was registered in June 1923 in Pontypool. He was born on 27th April.

Kenneth Frederick COLDRIDGE's birth was registered in March 1925 in Pontypool. He was born on 18th February.

Arthur V G COLDRIDGE's marriage to Iris GEORGE was registered in June 1949 in Pontypool.

Kenneth F COLDRIDGE's marriage to Minnie Irene [Ena] HOPKINS was registered in June 1949 in Pontypool. It took place on 2nd April at St John's Church, Garndiffaith

My grandfather's occupation, as far as my own family history is concerned, was managing Oliver's shoe shop in Pontypool. Those early memories of boot warehouses must have had some part in his choice of work I'm sure. I was only about a year old when he died so I have no memory of him at all.

Albert V COLDRIDGE's death, aged 64, was registered in June 1954 in Pontypool.

Albert Victor COLDRIDGE of Hillside 9 St. Johns-crescent Wainfelin Pontypool Monmouthshire died 6 May 1954 at Pontypool and District Hospital Abersychan Pontypool Administration Llandaff 21 July 1954 to Florence Emma COLDRIDGE widow. Effects £643 5s. 2d.

Florence E COLDRIDGE's death, aged 73, was registered in June 1964 in Pontypool.

Florence Emma COLDRIDGE of 9 St. Johns Crescent Wainfelin Pontypool Monmouthshire widow died 4 June 1964 at Pontypool and District Hospital Pontypool Administration Llandaff 29 July 1964 to Kenneth Frederick COLDRIDGE income tax officer. £2253.

My grandmother worked from home as a seamstress when she was younger and died when I was 11. I have clear memories of her house, still gaslit at the time she died, with my family and gran crowded around half the dining table eating Sunday tea - the other half of the table was always piled high with magazines and pattern books. She was a lifelong hoarder, just like Albert, and the things that we found when we cleared her house are permanently etched in my memory!