Du Boulay's Coleridge of Devon

In 1900, when he was in his late 60s, James Thomas Houssemayne Du BOULAY produced a hand-drawn family tree entitled "Coleridge of Devon" based upon his research in Dunsford, Doddiscombsleigh and Exeter. It is interesting for its coverage of the early Dunsford family wills, which were destroyed in the Blitz, although some of his conclusions are quite speculative.

Du Boulay's interest in the COLERIDGE family, the Exeter branch in particular, appears to have come about as follows. His older sister, Maria Elizabeth Houssemayne DU BOULAY, married Rev. George HILL in 1849, and their daughter Maude Eleanor, born around 1860, marrried Henry Hill COLERIDGE, the only surviving son of John & Eliza COLERIDGE of Ilfracombe, in 1897.

Here is a link to a scanned image of Du Boulay's COLERIDGE family tree, which covers the following families:

Richard & ??? COLRIDGE (married c1600)

Humphrey (& Margrett) COLRIDGE (married 1619/20)

William & Anne COLRIDGE (married c1620)

Richard & Grace COLRIDGE (married c1665)

Richard & Joane COLRIDGE (married c1685)

Richard & Anne COLRIDGE (married 1699)

Thomas & Mary COLRIDGE (married 1745)

John & Elizabeth COLDRIDGE (married 1799)

Samuel Taylor & Maria COLDRIDGE (married 1826)

John & Eliza COLERIDGE (married 1848)

The text below is a transcription of Du Boulay's family tree, converted to web document format.

Notes and comments are shown in grey alongside Du Boulay's original text.
Abbreviations: Drews = Drewsteignton.  Duns = Dunsford.  Dodd = Doddiscombsleigh.
PR = Parish Record.  DFHS = Devon Family History Society.  BMD = BMD Indexes.

Coleridge of Devon

For early records of this family in Devon see a "History of the House of Arundel" by John Pym Yeatman. London 1882. Michell and Hughes 140 Wardour St. Page 337. The name was variously spelt from the earliest times. In the 14th Century various individuals of the name are mentioned in the parish of Dunsford, such as William Colrigge Robert Colrygge etc. Dunsford may be regarded as the probable cradle of the existing family, which can be traced back to the adjacent parishes of Drewsteignton, Dunsford and Doddiscombsleigh. There is evidence to show that these families were closely connected. The family of the poet Coleridge and the present Lord Coleridge is traced to John Coleridge living at Crediton in 1715. Observe the connection of the last Humphrey Coleridge with Crediton.

The Registers of Dunsford & Doddiscombsleigh have been searched and the Probate Registry at Exeter, also the Register of St Thomas and of St Leonard's Exeter have been examined for verification of dates.
J T H DuBoulay. Sept 1900.

Richard Colridge

Richard Colridge mentioned in Dunsford Register as father of John.C. 1619 PR Dunsford. See Alice d/o John COLRIDGE below.

Richard Colridge's sons

Humphrey Coleridge Yeoman. held land in Drewsteignton xxi. James. Y (1624)
Humfrey Colridge of Wallon in Drewsteignton. Will dated 28 Jan proved Dec 1647. leaves Wallon in trust for only son Humfry at 18 (the mother – Michell. of Alfington being dead) otherwise to go to testator's "cozen Robert Colridge". bequests to poor of Drewsteignton and Dunsford "a gift" to "brother John" and bequest to James son of brother John. also cozens Robert & Mary C.
Humphrey "Coleridge" (so in index) of Wallon Drewsteignton yeoman. sole son and heir of Humphrey Colridge
W. at Somerset House dated 1669. (March proved Dec 15) mentions Wife Elizth daur of John Ellard of Alphington but now of Crediton. Son Humphrey a minor and "a babe unborn" also mentions his cousin Thomas Colridge of Dunsford.
PR Drews. Marr. 10 Feb 1619/20 Humfrye COLRIDGE & Margrett NEWCOME.
PR Exeter St Olave. Marr. 4 Jul 1645 Humfrie COLRIDGE of Drewisteington & Thomasyne MITCHELL of Alfington with licence.

Humphrey's only son, born after 1630 and before 1647.

A minor in Humphrey's will, so born before 1669.
John living in 1647 "son of Richard Colredge" in Dunsford Reg. father of
Grace bapt 1 [?] bur. 1620
William bur. 1625
James bapt 1619 has legacy £5 in Humphreys Will
Alice bapt 1621
Other children mentioned in Will 1647.
no further record of this family in Dunsford Reg
Humphrey's "brother John"

PR Duns. Burial 18 Mar 1620/1 Grace d/o John COLREDGE.
PR Duns. Burial 29 Apr 1625 William s/o Jo: COLREDGE.
PR Duns. Bapt. 26 Mar 1619 James s/o John COLREDGE.
PR Duns. Bapt. 13 Jan 1621/2 Alice d/o John COLREDGE the son of Richard COLREDGE.
PR Duns. Burial 18 Aug 1621 Alice w/o John COLREDGE.
William Colridge yeoman of Dunsford. Will dated 28. Sept 1643 proved 3.Nov.1643. mentions sons Thomas and Richard. daurs Joan and Ann (Yelland) and Mary Yelland apparly granddaughter. John White the Exor being dead Admon granted to Grace C. the relict.
The relationship to Richard Colridge is only highly probable. In the Will the name is spelt Coldridge
PR Duns. Burial 27 Mar 1637 Anne w/o Wm. COLRIDGE.

No link to Richard found

William & Anne Colridge

son of William C.
bur 17 Sept 1643 at Dunsford
PR Duns. no baptism found.
PR Duns. Bur. 17 Sep 1643 Wm. s/o Wm. COLRIDGE.
(11 days prior to his father's 1643 will)
son of Wm C bapt 7 July 1622 at D. mentioned as cousin in Will of Humphrey C. 1669. no further mention in Register at D
PR Duns. Bapt. 7 Jul 1622 Thomas s/o William COLRIDGE.
son of Wm C. bapt D 1624 mar. before 1665 Grace – who was bur. D. 13 Jan.1675/6
"Richard Colridge of Farrants" Dunsford (still a freehold estate) had 3 or 4 children baptized at D.
he migrated to Doddiscombsleigh and married 2ly Susanna – (Will at Whitston 1718)
Richard Colridge was bur at Doddiscomb. 18.Jan 1699/1700. Will dated 24 May.1698 (2 days after burial of William C.) proved 3 Jan 1700/1. Exor wife Susanna. son Charles. mentions a Elizabeth
PR Duns. Bapt. 2(?) Mar 1624/5 Richard s/o William COLREDGE.

PR Duns. Burial 13 Jan 1675/6 Grace w/o Richard COLDRIDGE.

PR Exeter St Pancras. Marriage 3 Nov 1686 Richard CHOLDRIGE & Susanna BENNET.
PR Whitestone. Burial 1 Nov 1718 Mrs. Susanna COLDRIDGE.
PR Doddiscombsleigh. Burial 18 Jan 1699/00 Richard COLRIDGE.

William COLRIDGE, possibly his son, died 22 May 1698.
No mention of his son Richard.

Richard & Grace Colridge

William Colridge
prob. b. at Dunsford before 1665
farmer at Dodd. in 1691
a Reg. at Crediton collection made a accordance With a brief for great loss by fire.
Joan his wife bur. at Dodd. 20 Nov.1695
William C. bur. 22.May.1698.
No birth or marriage record found.
No confirmation that William is Richard & Grace's son.

PR Dodd. Burial 20 Nov 1695 Joan w/o William COLRIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 22 May 1698 William COLRIDGE.
Charles Colridge
bapt Dunsford 1665.
mar.2 May 1695 in Exeter Cathl. cetat. 29 to Elizth Major both of Doddiscomb.
bur. Dodd. 21.May.1721 Admon. 1721
PR Duns. Bapt. 14 Feb 1665/6 Charles s/o Richard COLDRIDGE of Farranth (Farranse).
PR Exeter Cathedral. Marr. 2 May 1695 Charles COLRIDGE & Elizabeth MAJOR of Doddiscombsley.
PR Dodd. Burial 21 May 1721 Charles COLRIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 1 Jan 1728/9 Elizabeth COLRIDGE.
Richard Colridge
bapt Duns. 25.Apr.1667 mard. 1ly about 1687 Joan –
2ly about 1706 Anne – who survived him and was bur. at Dodd. 29.Aug.1741 "Richard Cornish the younger" apparently migrated to Exeter before 1705. he was bur. at Dodd. 28.Jan.1718/9
Will of Richard Colridge of Doddiscomb. Yeoman dated 26 Jan.1718 proved Jan 1719/20 Anne C. the relict. and sons John and Charles Exors.
names children John Charles Richard Thomas Joseph Benjamin also a daur Grace to whom he leaves £100 at 21 and a child unborn and mentions the leasehold estate of Bagwell in Dunchideock and the freehold of Whitemore in Doddiscombsleigh (value £200) and Goosemore.
4 of his children died in Feb. March 1736
PR Duns. Bapt. 25 Apr 1667 Richard s/o Richard COLDRIDGE.
(no record found of his 1st marriage)
PR Exeter St Mary Major. Marr. 14 Apr 1699 Richard COLERIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh yeoman & Ann HULL of Newton St Cyres.

PR Dodd. Burial 28 Jan 1718/9 Richard COLRIDGE.

Jane Bapt. 19 April 1719
b. Duns. 2 June 1672
bur. Dodd. 1 Jan.1728
PR Duns. Bapt. 2 Jun 1672 Elizabeth d/o Richard COLRIDGE.

Richard & Joan Colridge

b. 1687. bur. 1697 daur of R and Joan
PR Dodd. Bapt. 5 Dec 1687 Joane d/o Richard COLRIDGE & Joane. PR Dodd. Burial 22 Aug 1697 Joan d/o Richard COLRIDGE Jun.
Elizabeth b. 1695. bur. 1705 "daur of Richard C. of the city of Exeter" PR Dodd. Bapt. 30 May 1695 Elizabeth d/o Richard COLRIDGE Junr.
PR Dodd. Burial 3 Jun 1705 Elizabeth d/o Richard COLRIDGE.
[not in Du Boulay]
PR Dodd. Bapt. 30 May 1699 Joan d/o Richard COLRIDGE.

Richard & Anne Colridge

b. 1699.
bur. 1703
(Richard married his 2nd wife Anne in April 1699)
PR Dodd. Bapt. 4 Feb 1699/1700 Richard s/o Richard COLRIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 26 Sep 1703 Richard s/o Richard COLRIDGE.
b. 1. Ap. 1701
John Colridge bur 2 Aug 1751
PR Dodd. Bapt. 1 Apr 1701 John s/o Richard COLRIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 2 Aug 1751 John COLRIDGE.
bur. Feb. 1736
PR Dodd. Bapt. 11 May 1703 Charles s/o Richard COLDRIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 2 Mar 1736/7 Charles COLRIDGE.
bur. Feb. 1736
PR Dodd. Bapt. 8 Mar 1704/5 Grace d/o Richard COLRIDGE & Anne.
PR Dodd. Burial 24 Feb 1736/7 Grace COLDRIDGE.
bur. Feb. 1736
PR Dodd. Bapt. 10 Jul 1707 Richard s/o Richard COLRIDGE & Anne.
PR Dodd. Burial 9 Feb 1736/7 Richard COLRIDGE.
Thomas Colridge
bapt Dodd 26. Jan. 1709/10
mar. Mary –
Thos. Coldridge bur. Dodd. 23 June 1787
Will (dated 10 June proved 3 Sept. 1787) of Thos Coldridge now of St Thomas Exeter (endorsed also Doddiscombsleigh) Gent. Mary Coldridge and John Jutsum Exors.
mentions Richard and his wife Ann & children John and Charles. son Thos. daughter Mary. wife of Philip Morris. bequeaths annuities out of rents of his estate as long as his interest therein should continue.
PR Dodd. Bapt. 26 Jan 1709/10 Thomas s/o Richard COLRIDGE & Anne.
PR Exeter Holy Trinity. Marr. 19th May 1746 Thomas COLDRIDGE & Mary ARCHER, both of Doddiscombsleigh.
PR Dodd. Burial 23 Jun 1787 Thomas COLDRIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 21 Mar 1790 Mary COLDRIDGE.

No mention of his daughter Grace.
bur. Mar.1720/1
PR Dodd. Bapt. 27 Nov 1712 Joseph s/o Richard COLRIDGE & Anne.
PR Dodd. Burial 23 Mar 1720/1 Joseph s/o Richard COLRIDGE (deceased).
bur. 2 Mar.1736
PR Dodd. Bapt. 23 Dec 1714 s/o Richard COLRIDGE & Ann.
PR Dodd. Burial 2 Mar 1736/7 Benjamin COLRIDGE.
daur of Rd. C. decd. and Ann
bapt Ap. 19. 1719
bur. Dodd. 1721
PR Dodd. Bapt. 19 April 1719 d/o Richard COLRIDGE decd. & Anne his relict. (Richard died 28 Jan 1718/9).
PR Dodd. Burial 10 March 1720/1 Jane d/o Richard COLRIDGE (deceased).

Thomas & Mary Colridge

This family baptized as Colridge adopted the spelling Coldridge  
Richard "Coleridge"
so in Reg. bapt. Dodd. 12. Mar 1746/7
Mar. Anne — about 1775
PR Dodd. Bapt. 12 Mar 1746/7 Richard s/o Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE.
PR Duns. Marr. 23 Nov 1775 Richard COLDRIDGE of Doddiscombsleigh & Ann MAY.
bur. 17. May 1760 daur of Thos and Mary Coleridge
PR Dodd. Bapt. 16 Jul 1752 Anne d/o Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE.
PR Dodd. Burial 17 May 1760 Anne d/o Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE.
Thomas "Coleridge"
bapt. Dodd. 7 May 1750
Thos "Coldridge" mar. 1780 Mary Williams at Dodd.
PR Dodd. Bapt. 7 May 1750 Thomas s/o Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE.

PR Dodd. Marr. 12 Dec 1780 Thomas COLDRIDGE & Mary WILLIAMS.
mar. Philip Morris
PR Dodd. Bapt. 18 Jan 1755 Mary d/o Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE
PR Exeter St Mary Major. Marr. 23 Dec 1781 Mary COLDRIDGE & Philip MORRIS by licence.
PR Dodd. Bapt. 3 Jan 1758 Grace d/o Thomas & Mary COLERIDGE.

Richard & Ann Coleridge

This family though Coleridge in the Register always spelt their name Coldridge  
"S of Rd. and Ann Coleridge."
bapt. Dodd. 25.May 1776
not living 1787
PR Dodd. Bapt. 29 May 1776 Thomas s/o Richard COLERIDGE & Ann his wife.
PR Dodd. Bur. 1 Aug 1776 Thomas s/o Richard COLERIDGE.
John "S of Rd. and Ann Coleridge".
bapt. Dodd. 17 Sep 1777
Land surveyor St Thomas parish then St Leonard's Exeter mar. Elizabeth Hallett
PR Dodd. Bapt. 17 Sep 1777 John s/o Richard COLERIDGE by Ann his wife.

DFHS Withycombe Raleigh. Marr. 26 Mar 1799 John COLDRIDGE & Elizabeth HALLETT.
"S. of Rd. and Ann Coleridge"
bapt. Dodd. 17 Jan 1780.
Ironfounder in Exeter
Emilie Coldridge "gentlewoman" mar. at St L. 20.Oct 1840 to Edward Hunt Roberts Attorney
PR Dodd. Bapt. 30 Jan 1780 Charles s/o Richard COLRIDGE & Ann.
DFHS Exeter St Mary Arches. Marr. 7 Oct 1809 Charles COLDRIDGE, Ironmonger, & Mary HOLLET.
(3 children found)
PR Exeter St Mary Arches. Bapt. 13 Aug 1810 Charles May s/o Charles COLDRIDGE & Mary his wife.
PR Exeter St Mary Arches. Bapt. 27 Jun 1813 George s/o Charles & Mary COLDRIDGE.
PR Exeter St Mary Arches. Bapt. 14 Aug 1822 Emily d/o Charles & Mary COLDRIDGE of Fore St, Exeter.
PR Exeter St Leonard Marr. 20 Oct 1840 Emilie COLDRIDGE & Edward Hunt ROBERTS.
Ann "Coleridge"
bapt at S.Thomas Exeter 1784
PR Exeter St Thomas Apostle. Bapt. 12 May 1784 Ann d/o Richard COLDRIDGE & Ann his wife.

John & Elizabeth Coldridge

This family though Coleridge in the register spelt the name Coldridge, except two, John and Ernest who formally adopted Coleridge.  
Samuel Taylor
"S. of John Coleridge Land Surveyor and Elizabeth his wife" bapt in S.Thomas Exeter. Jan.1.1800
in register John Taylor cf. similar error in Burial of John Viney Coleridge 23 March 1803 called on tombstone William Viney Couldridge.
PR Exeter St Thomas. Bapt. 1 Jan 1800 John Taylor s/o John COLERIDGE & Elizabeth.
PR Exeter Holy Trinity. Marr. 1 Apr 1826 Samuel Taylor COLDRIDGE and Maria POWNING by licence.
PR Exeter St Leonard. Burial 14 Dec 1829 Maria COLDRIDGE of Topsham.
b.1801 S. Thos. d. Oct 1801
PR Exeter St Thomas. Bapt. 6 Oct 1801. Charles s/o John & Eliz. COLERIDGE. Burial 8 Oct 1801 Infant.
b.1802. S. Thos. burnt to death. 1808
PR Exeter St Thomas. Bapt. 24 Oct 1802 Ann d/o John & Eliz. COLERIDGE.
not in register
Army surgeon H.E.I.C.S (1)
Austen Ernest
George Tuyll
John Newton
Celia Elizabeth
Jean Marie Sutherland
PR Exeter St David. Bapt. 1 Aug 1804. Ernest s/o John & Eliz. COLERIDGE.
DFHS Exeter St Sidwell. Marr. 13 Sep 1828 Sarah NEALE.
Died 1877, aged 73, in Wellington, New Zealand.
(6 children found)
PR Fowey. Bapt. 18 Sep 1829.
DFHS Exeter. Bapt. 28 Apr 1833. Born 30 Jan 1831.
DFHS Exeter. Bapt. 28 Apr 1833. Born 25 Sep 1832.
PR St Marylebone. Bapt. 13 Aug 1836. Born 5 Jun 1836.
PR Ireby, Cumberland. Bapt. 7 May 1840.
Bapt. 17 Jun 1847 Bombay. Died 11 Feb 1851 Jeypoor.
PR Exeter St Mary Arches. Bapt. 31 Aug 1806. Richard s/o John & Eliz. COLDRIDGE.
PR Exeter St Mary Arches. Bapt. 23 Oct 1808. Charles s/o John & Eliz. COLDRIDGE.
PR Exeter Holy Trinity. Burial 24 Feb 1833.
bapt. 1808 St. Leonards
died unmarr. about 1827
(no record found)
bapt at St Leonards. Exeter March 18.1810.
s. of John Coleridge Land Surveyor and Elizabeth.
In the med. service. HEICS. 1837 afterwards in Holy Orders 1845.
(2) Asst. Chap. Hosp for consump. IofW. 1872
mar. 1848 Eliza. dau. Rev John Hill St Edm. H. Oxf.
PR Exeter St Leonard. Bapt. 18 Mar 1810 John s/o John & Eliz. COLERIDGE.

BMD Oxford June 1848 John COLERIDGE & Eliza HILL.
BMD Isle of Wight. Died Dec 1881.
b.1812 d.1813 St. L.
No birth record found.
DFHS Exeter St Leonard. Burial 7 Mar 1813 Age 8 months.
b.1814 d.1819 St. L.
PR Exeter St Leonard. Bapt. 11 Jan 1814 Eliza d/o John & Eliz.
DFHS Exeter St Leonard. Burial 5 Apr 1819.
bap. 7.A.1816. St.L.
in Holy Orders. church in Exeter. Rector All Hallows Goldsmith St. d.s.p. about 1850
DFHS Exeter St Leonard. Bapt. 7 Apr 1816.

BMD St Thomas. Died June 1851
bapt Ap.9.1819 St. L.
Colonel H.E.I.C.S died [unm].
mar. Emily Howard. dau. of William Rolfe of Thornbury
DFHS Exeter St Leonard. Bapt. 9 Apr 1819
H.E.I.C.S. Honourable East India Company Service
Marr. 25 July 1848 in Aden, Bombay Walter COLERIDGE & Emily Howard ROLPH
Probate. Died in Heidelberg 5 Jan 1864
Celia bapt 1821 St. L. died unm.
mar. John Henry MANBY Major H.E.I.C.S
DFHS Exeter St Leonard. Bapt. 1 May 1821
BMD 1864 Henry John MANLEY

Samuel Taylor & Maria Coldridge

Samuel Powning
b.1827 matr. oxf. 15 May 1845 "s. of Sam. Taylor Coldridge of Exeter. arm." BA. 1849.
Vic. of Ide Devon 1877-86
Mar. (1) Mary Wilton dau. of T.W.Wilton of Gloster
(2) mar. Katherine dau of Charles Ginkell Landon Cap. H.E.I.C.S
Mary Louisa b. 1865 d. 1879
Amy Beatrice b.4 July 1871. mar.Ap.19.1893
Harry Wilton b.23 June 1873
DFHS Exeter Holy Trinity. Bapt. 22 Feb 1827. Born 14 Jan 1827.

BMD Exeter. Marr. Mar 1863 Mary WILTON
BMD Axminster. Marr. Sep 1884 Katharine LANDON

(3 children found)
BMD St Thomas. Marr. Jun 1893 Arthur GIFFARD
BMD St Thomas. Marr. Jun 1907 Anna LANDON. d. 1923
Eliz. Powning
DFHS Exeter Holy Trinity. Bapt. 2 Aug 1828.
DFHS Exeter St Leonard. Bur. 24 Oct 1829.

John & Eliza COLERIDGE

a son
d. infancy
(no records found)
Sophia Eliza
b. Mar 5.1850.
mar. Nov 1887 John Mills. Dep Ass. Surg. gen. ret.d.
Margaret Sophie b. Oct 26 1888.
John Coleridge b. Jul.24 1890
Lucy Eirene b. Jan 7. 1893.
(birth record not found)

BMD Isle of Wight. Marr. Dec 1887.
b. Jan 18.1852
BMD Edmonton. Birth Mar 1852.
BMD Newton Abbot. Death June 1919.
John Edmund
b. Dec 30 1853 d. Oct 10.1854
(no records found)
Henry Hill
b. Aug 15.1855
Civil Eng. mar. Oct 21 1897 Maude Eleanor Hill.
Reginald Ernest b. Aug 21 1898
(birth record not found)
BMD Barnstaple. Death Sep 1922.
BMD Salisbury. Marr. Dec 1897.

(birth record not found)
b. May 13 1857
mar. Ap 19.92 Rev Noel Luke Aspinall.
BMD Barnstaple. Birth June 1857.
BMD Isle of Wight. Marr. June 1892.
Mary Havergal
b. Oct 24.1859
BMD Barnstaple. Birth Dec 1859.
BMD Barnstaple. Death Sep 1935.
Annie Isabel
b. May 31 1862
BMD Barnstaple. Birth June 1862.
BMD Honiton. Death Dec 1947.